Wearing Art

Idly the hands twist the pliers

The metal ring slides open

The last link in the chain, a smooth sleek

Silver bracelet

Byzantine it hangs limply, polished charms


Gently it’s placed next to the piles of


Metal wrought, sprung from mind to life,

Combinations of pop culture and a

Victorian era magazine,

The regalia of knights

In a multicolor rainbow

Next to gently carved stone from

Rivers far from there

Dangling on wire


Those same hands turn the sign with care


Their owner sits, carefully brushing off the

Working table beside the register

Laying out the tools

Of the place that is their own

Until a customer comes in to buy a



There in her kingdom,

creating with her own two hands,

she feels alive.



This is a poem I wrote about one job that could change my life. This is it. There is nothing more I would love in the world than to be able to create, to make and sell jewlery like the bracelet I made that's pictured. I'm already using my bilingual skills to try and reach everyone with my jewelry. I want this small business because with it I will be able to create, but because I'll also be able to reach out and help people. If I ever had a small business, I'd quickly begin to donate some of the profits to organizations like the SPCA, or ones that help Migrant workers.

I want to use my talents for some good in the world.

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