Welcome To The World, My Friend

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 00:01 -- jcortes


United States
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I welcome you to the world, my friend, and know you're on a mission.
But I must tell you something, so please, I ask, just listen.
CONGRATULATIONS! You're time has come! I know you worked so hard!
A chapter of your life has closed and a new one just begun.
It wasn't easy getting here but never did you doubt, that you could be whatever you chose
An idea well thought out.
And even when life hit you with its hardest hit, never did you ever quit!
You have so much potential and there are so many places you can go.
So don't lose heart when the pace gets slow.
You will find success somehow, you know.
Never give up, never give in. Keep moving on and you will win.
Have faith and be strong! Keep holding on. Never say no and you will live your dream.
Remember, you're really quite close even when it seems so far.

So, welcome to the world my friend! I'm proud to say you've made it!
You've turned failure inside out and for that I say scream and shout!
You are great and truly wonderful and blessed beyond belief, it's true.

I welcome you to the world, my friend, because the world's been waiting for someone like you.


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