What are you?

What am I?

I am human.

What are you?

You must be confused, since you cannot clearly identify me.

You mean that the color of my skin does not give you a clear indication?

Or is it that my hair has too much curl and not enough kink?

Shall I continue, or give you time to think?

I am human, just like you.

My appearance does not create my identity.  

Nor does your impertinence disrupt my serenity.


You say: “it’s weird” that I’m darker than milk, yet lighter than chocolate.

You say: I’m “not really black,” but “pretty for a black girl.”

You say: I’m so lucky for my Latina hair, yet you ask if it’s real.

You say: I’m “just like one of you” because I talk “white.”

But I say: Why do you think white is right?

Is not every color of the rainbow just as beautiful?

I say: I am a paradox.

Although you might be confused, I am not!

I say: I am of milk, chocolate, and caramel.

I belong to all, yet not to one!

I say: the labels are obsolete, for I am so great and they so small.

Look beneath the surface and cherish the individual above all!

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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