What is Beauty?

What is beauty?

It is somewhat hard to say,

Because all things are beautiful

If you look at them the right way.


People focus on aesthetics;

Imperfections they will hide.

Beauty cannot be found on skin,

But, instead, on the inside.


While my looks are average,

Hair of blonde and eyes of green,

My inner beauty is where it counts;

That is where it can be seen.


The filters, photos, and editing

All get in the way

Of seeing the natural beauty

People wake up with everyday.


My hair may be wavy

And my skin may have spots.

My teeth may not be white,

But what are these thoughts?


In photos I look bubbly

And joyous with a grin,

While in reality I am quiet

And keep most thoughts within.


I am this way for a reason.

Why change who I am

Simply to look “better”

And conform to the glam?


There are thousands of girls out there

All trying to look the same.

There is beauty in individuality

And staying true to your name.


I do not want to be remembered

As the girl who always looked good,

But as the girl who loved her natural looks,

Just as every girl should.

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