What Could Have Been


There’s a lot that could have been avoided

A lot that could have been taken care of

But wasn’t


There’s much that could have turned out different

Everything in fact


Would anything have been better or worse?

Or maybe it would just be different

Likely that


So why be concerned and think about it?

I can’t help myself


I know the turns I made

I know what decisions hurt me

And I can’t help but think

If I took the other fork in the road

Would it have been better?

But I guess it doesn’t matter

Well, I know it doesn’t


“What ifs” always exist

And they will always hurt

But it doesn’t matter


Those forks could have caused death

They could have caused more pain

Or worthless, ignorance


None of which I want

So the hell with that



Life is as it is. Take it as it comes. Don't bother looking back.

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