What Is This Curse?


United States
28° 24' 19.8324" N, 81° 17' 5.7012" W

This beautiful world,

one with peaceful hills and valleys,

and yet the fighting stands.

It plagues our minds,

the grusome images.

Innocence being lost,

with every passing second

Violence and destruction,

neither are the answer.

With fighting everywhere,

and no free expression,

we are dazed and confussed.

What we all hear,

What we all say,

All used to be fabled.

Advancements made now,

minutes at a time.

And what do we have to say for it?

As we learn and prosper,

we humiliate and kill.

We are the human race.

God's creation, but truly perfect?

Or are we lost,

in the downward spiral

of eternal damnation?

The answer is hidden,

behind the shroud.

That shroud is something we lack,

world peace.


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