What do I do now

They say things happen for a reason but I don't believe'em. 

Most of the time things just happen to happen, 

You look to the future and it becomes your past. 

You stand there stunned and wondering where did time go and what do I do now.

Imma give you an example take me for instance, 

I was walkin on the beach just doin my own thing when this hottie walks by and stops me.

I smiled, he smiled things seemed great, well they were great.

He asked me out with a simple kiss. I said yes and you know the rest.

We went for a swim just that hottie and me when our friends pull up and come and get us.  

We all hang out and have some fun just swimmin, splashin and soakin up the sun. 

The sun went down I had to go so I left him with a kiss as we said good bye and I drove off leavin that hottie behind whith a thought in my head Where did the time go and What do I do now.

 Well that night something goes down, I hear the sirens all around.

My sister talks to her boyfriend and finds out that somethin happened after I left.

When I got the news my heart filled with rage as I fought back the tears.  

I couldn't think straight, I couldn't see straight.

I thought why oh why did this happen, as I sat there with a blank stare.

I was gazing off into the middle of no where, hopin to find my answer.

No luck, just as soon as I got back up I was shot back down. 

I was hopin and prayin that it was all just a dream, but no it wasn't and i was left wonderin where did time go and What do I do now.


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