What Goes Through My Mind #NoFilter


A passion, a reason for life,

Its what i strive for,

What I'm scared I'll never find.


I've tried it all;

Art - wasn't expressive enough,

Sports - needed to be more tough,

Music - dont have the rhythm or time,


I've lied, but I'm not scared to die,

I'm afraid to live and not remember why.

But that's not mine, I find my truths in song.

The colors speak to me, help me find what's wrong.


Now what?

School is how I've spent my life,

I wasn't taught to live just how to survive.

That's not right.


But I care.

That's my passion I think,

I'll turn it into a career

I'll be a doctor, a shrink.


Call me crazy, but I won't waste my life

Too many people need help, not enough are kind.

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