What is Heaven?


United States

What is Heaven?

Is it a place with no end;

Where birds fly without a care?

What is Heaven?

Perpetual blue sky with endless clouds;

A place of no death; no tears.

What is Heaven?

A place where there is no day or night;

Where fears fade into the abis.

What is Heaven?

A place where a man decides who dies and who lives.

But Why?

What is Heaven?

Heaven is a place where dark is turned into light;

Where angels voices can be heard;

A place where no tears, fears, or death shall prevail. 

What is Heaven?

If you must know, 

It's a place above the clouds;

A place of mystery to Us on Earth;

A place no one can describe;

A place that can't be seen with the naked eye.

What is Heaven?

A place of peace;

That is all to be said,

A place where happy is all we know;

A place to be called home.



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