What I See (Mi Rostro)


Esto es mi rostro,

body creaking,

my wrist twisting,

twisting, twisting, twisting...



Sera este mi rostro?

is it the face in reflection shown,

reversed, turned over,

lighting warm?


my hand hangs useless,

eyes connect,

dilation is the only way to keep it out


extras called to set


Motionless, waiting, watching.

You know.

You are.

Another minute detail

as unseemly as it may be


Esto es mi cuerpo,

face, emoting,

my furrowed brow

adding creases, creases, creases...



Sera este mi cuerpo?

is it the body on the floor,

bent, reaching forward,

ceiling bound?


my brow stills,

mouth moves,

silence a fine binding rite


calling extras to set


Motionless, waiting, watching.

You know.

You are.


Stretchmarks silver bright, silver bright,

fingertips sliding rough,

pupil, iris, wide, a set of lenses

standing alone


Another minute detail,

place, position, with care

intergal to the pigment, the hue, the shape


A part of the scene,

not removed,

innate, innate.


(Translation for the spanish: This is my face. This will be my face? This is my body. This will be my body?)

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