What If

What if the filter did not excist? Would the world be the same?

Would we be the same? 

All around us everywear we look we see people not as they realy are.

Has this war of conforming went to far. 

We try to be cool and we try to fit in.

By making ourselves look like society thinks we should. 

Its almost like life and death.

Without peoples aproval we think we are nothing so on comes the filter.

Wheather your from way back in the woods or deep in the hood we all know how it goes. 

The world is changing day by day.

And the way you look seems to get more and more in the way.

Is this for the better or for the worse? 

I guess we will see. 

Give it some time and the world might understand.

The filter changes everything from everybodies stance.

Thats how far the story goes.

Thats all there is to say.

Lets just hope a fake picture stays out of the way.




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