What Inspires Me

What inspires me, you may ask

Well, it starts with laughing babies

They not know what laughing is

But they still find joy in the simplest things

It is animals looking up at their companions with such love

It is my cat looking at me slowly

Telling me that it is worth it

It is seeing people love and be who they want

It is transmales getting excited over being called "sir"

It is transfemales getting excited over being called "ma'am"

It is walking down the street 

Listening to the birds sing

Knowing that they are happy

With being perched upon a tree

It is mom's and dad's taking care of their offspring

Or the kids that they are taking in as their own

Knowing that they will have a better life

It is seeing people give houseless people food

So they don't have to feel their stomach growl in pain

This, this is what inspires me to be a better version of me

Not for my own gain

But to help others



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