What It Takes To Be Flawless

People say that I'm nice because I am generous

My friends say that I'm fun because I'm adventurous

But it takes more than two characteristics to be flawless

To be flawless you have to be blessed

You have to stand out way farther than the rest

You see to be flawless you have to have intelligence

Along with a side of benevolence

I might have around a four point GPA

But yet there still is much to say

There are still many things you need to see

Before you know what it takes to be flawless like me

You have to be athletic

While also being sympathetic

You also need to be rational

With enough diversity to be called international

You need to be born with the heart of a champ

And have leadership skills that can bring light to darkness just like a lamp

You see being flawless is quiet simple

You can have a facial blemish or even some pimples

Being flawless is being happy with who you are

When determining if you're flawless you set the bar

This means we can all be flawless in our own way

As long as you keep in mind what I had to say

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