What is Perfection?

the standard definition of perfect. having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. the mixed meaning of perfect. have a big butt, double d cup, slim waist, long hair, hourglass figure. 


what is perfect? 

is it what the majority says?

is it what the celebrities say?

is it what your friends or even your boyfriend or girlfriend says?


society puts so much pressure on girls now a day to be their definition of "perfect". what happened to being your self? original? or is it just boring?


he used to think I was perfect. that was until I


cut my hair

wiped the makeup from my face

removed tight clothing

took off my acrylics 

and went natural



see some girls need approval by other girls and even boys to know if they are "perfect" or "boyfriend material"


but Nia, Nia doesn't need any approval but her own.


yes I am guilty of wanting to change and be perfect



I've always wanted weave or long nails, lighter skin, Nike and Adidas shoes and clothing. because that was what boys were looking for. when really I should have been looking for myself


societies standards are breaking us and you are just not realizing it. it's destroying our world and our lives. 


because of society girls can't find their true self. they can't look in the mirror and say " I am beautiful" but instead say to a cashier " is the Kylie Jenner lip kit in?" or " are the new Jordan's here?"



we are broken. some girls cry them self to sleep EVERY night just to put on a new face in the morning and act like nothing is happening.


so I ask you, what is perfect? is it the majority or your belief?


be the change and you will see a change. 


thank you

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