What seems to make me write


Sometimes there are webs of ideas

that cant be explained

but through circles and lists

slowly a complete thought formulates

as random things stumble out of ones mind and on to the paper

they realize they've found an answer

that has been staring them right in the face

all it took was patience, time, and a little kick of imagination


This process of contemplation becomes addicting

these words that have been playing hide and seek

are created and written with a purpose

whether it is to share or simply remember

they are not only a grade but a part of you

they are YOU exposed


Now people don’t look at you the same

because you've finally lifted the weight off your chest

silence no longer resides

you have preceded to tell

but when everyone's eyes have failed,

your tears spoke,

allowing the emotion to flow,

like a beautiful melody


Sharing through mixed up thoughts

a life unknown is unveiled

to cover up you spit a joke

your deep dark reality

opens the lens of your peers

in hopes that they won’t judge you

or even hoping that they relate too


Evoking all types of emotions

while tying each individual

closer and closer

making them think of you as

a sight to hear and

a sound to see

all these frightful

but wonderful things

are what seem to make me write.


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