What is thing called life living around me?

Here lies the secret that can't be told

with every breath you speak to the soul

But what is this secret can't you see?

What is this thing called life living around me?

Everything I do, I do for the passion 

some without thought and some without action,

But baby listen can't you see

What is this thing called life living around me?

it's what we make it

only for you to try,

it brings us joy but it also makes us cry.

The words we speak

from word to word

this is the only secret 

that can't be heard.

You only have to figure out

It't what you make it,

Its the only thing that matters

can you take it?

Why do we feel this way

the blood that rushes through our body

the thoughts corrupted in our minds,

 the things we feel and the things we touch. 

Why do we feel his way?

the atmosphere only makes us wanna stay

but we can't push this away

Can't you see

it stays here 

Its stuck, 

and I ask "why me?'

you may not understand this 

but I want me to feel me as I speak

not physically but here me,

As I speak to your soul lyrically.

But I see your soul as a bright light 

its the only thing I want to see if its right

As for the secret that lies to tell

its only what we make it.

But baby can't you see

As I ask myself

"What is this thing called life living around me?''


This poem is about: 
Our world