This is What We Have Come To


In a world obsessed with appearance, with the image of perfection.

How am I supposed to compare, gain confidence, and make a connection?

A world where I can't look in the mirror without disgust,

Even be given a complement without distrust.

In a place where media images insinuate that I am not the "right kind" of beautiful.

How can I expect anyone to want me when the "right kind" is plentiful?

A place where I can't say how I see myself without filters because I'm too afraid to look.

Almost impossible to accept myself and that's wrong in my book.

In a society where people are demeaned because of something so frivolous,

How can basing everything on looks not make everyone furious.

A society where I'm led to believe I am not my best self,

I'm being brought down by perception itself.

In a time where true beauty has to be altered to fit a mold,

How can we sit back and follow the trends we're told.

A time where originality doesn't exist,

And being like everyone else is hard to resist.

In a world obsessed with technology and invention,

How can we not strive towards being perfection?

A world where at the tap of a screen we can become someone new,

And the message that "you are beautiful" can't come through.




This poem is about: 
Our world



Love it.

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