What's my worth?

They key to my future lies in the hands of the person I see in front.

The looking back at me.

The girl in the mirror.

I beg of her and plead “please don’t give up on me”
She says the same to me 

-I pause- 

I glance up and stare at me

I sigh-

For I know the choice is all up to me

Though I know I don't want to give up.

That isn’t my goal.

Yet what exactly motivates me?

It’s a question we must all have an answer too. 

If you don’t you are left wondering thing to thing

Person to person.

Searching for your motivation.

For some people it's to be rich, or to find love.Yes both is something everyone wants.And so do I.

But it's not what I strive for.

What I want in life is the warmth and knowing someone wants me to stay

Not having "Love" per say.

Having that clouser.

Knowing i belong.

Someone to help me go on each day.

In order to prove those wrong.

I'm not just a girl.

I'm not just an ungrateful brat.

I will know that I do belong.

Someone doesn't want me to stay.

And not just for the money I earn by my success and hard work.

But because someone will finally know and lean my real worth.

My inspiration is to have someone help me go on each day.


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