When He Said It!


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Jesus said it best when He said
“It is finished!”
Pain, Sin, and Strife have all been
He carried the cross for our sin and
He held up our burden so we didn’t
Have to pay
Satan tried to tempt Him with everything
Around Him
Jesus blew him out of the water
When He said “It is written.”
No longer must we live bowed over and
Crushed down
Jesus set us free when that cross
Pierced the ground
One drop of Jesus’ blood and
It’s all wiped away
When you say Jesus’ name
Satan runs afraid
He cannot stand in the presence
Of Our God
He cannot bare the
Sting of Jesus’ blood
When Jesus cried out the words
“It is finished!”
He opened the pathway for us
To live in forgiveness
Because of his sacrifice I’ll run with endurance
I’ll pursue the lost on earth until Jesus says I am Finished!


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