When You Leave

Tue, 11/13/2012 - 14:18 -- jo.loyd

When you leave, please,
Leave the world better than when you found it.
Everyone deserves worthy health
And to be cared for, but it doesn’t always happen.
If you want it, ask for it,
And more than once.
Use the power of patience and persistence against them.
Don’t let the day go silent before justice prevails.
It’s not about having a legacy
But leaving the world better than before.
Change doesn’t have to happen
By those with the power;
The greater effect comes from those who have
And still give everything to help others.
Stay involved, even if you keep moving,
And life never takes a moment to sit down.
Everyone, aware and idle, is affected
Because even indirect motions have direction.
Leave the world better than when you found it,
Please, when you leave.

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