When you see me


When you see me I know what you think.

“Why’s he in my class” or “he must like to drink.. 40s and play biggie smalls”

Or “He can’t be smart, he’s intellect is not big it’s small.”

You think that because you remain silent

that I cannot look into your eyes or observe your facial expressions and recognize your arrogance.

Yes, you smile,

wave, Nod.

Sometimes you’ll even say hello.

But trust me.

I’m well aware of your discomfort.

When you hear me speak,

When you see my pants are not at my feet.

You are confused.

When I tell you I do not aspire to be a NBA player or a rapper

You’ll smile, maybe chuckle.

And if you’re bold you’ll respond that’s “great.. Neat”

You’ve unconsciously set incredibly low expectations for me.

And it’s not because you know ME.

It’s because you turn on your TV or open your internet browser and see THEM

but I am not THEM I am ME.

Do not try to predict how I will act,

or who I am based on the similarity of my skin tone and HIS... or hers

Because I am me

A black boy.

One you don’t know

Or care to meet


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