Where Did Sun Go?

In his TED Talk, writer and philosopher, Julian Baggini,  says that who we are is centered around the memories and experiences we have had in the past.


So, “Who am I?” turns into “Where am I from?”.


Well, I am not from the sweetness of bright strawberries or the taste of BBQ wings mixed with the crunch of my first tooth lost.


I am not from the four birthdays a year or the tooth fairy dust glittering across the snow.


I am not the good times in Texas with my by older brother.


What I am from, though, are the scared nights of my parents fighting; my mom sick in bed and in pain while my dad takes her medication.


I am from Ramen noodles for dinner and spanking for dessert.


I am from a divorce, running away, hiding, and homelessness.


I am from remarriage -- one part abuse and two parts neglect.


I am from silently screaming for help with only glances as a response.


I am from body destruction and endless binging and purging.


I am from child protective service service investigations and multiple hospital stays.


I am from 95 pounds to now, 5’8” and beautiful.


I am from strength and recovery alone.


I am from a mother’s worst nightmare to God’s greatest treasure.

I am from a rebirth.

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An absolute honest response from an honest poet.  WE will miss you Farah!  The world lost such a beautiful soul with your death, but your words will always remind us of strength.  Thank you for the time you gave us!

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