where i came from

I came from clothespins

From Clorox and tide

I am from the dirt under the porch

(Where bugs taste like garbage)


I am from a street

Where u hear gunshots or loud music

(Bang bang pop pop) people screaming, crying tires screeching

I am from the struggle is real

From not having food to being homeless.



I am from a graveyard

From life to death

I am from violence

Where people fight, social worker taking me from the people I love and my life

Put in states custody where you forget who you are.


I am from the ghetto

Where some never live past 20 or in end up in prison

I am from heartbreak

Where I watch my brothers die in my arms and regret

Where I lost the part of me



I am from a place

Where murder and robbery is a hobby

Or jail or the graveyard is where we called home



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My community
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