The white magician's quise

Mon, 02/01/2016 - 19:32 -- Esteban

The one thing that upsets me the most, is when they teach racism and segregation in school.
Because as a little kid growing up never did i even fanthom the idea that someone could be superior to another based on the color of their skin
until I went to school
In school they taught us that segragation and racism has ended
except for a small minority who still taught they were superior
Little did I know this was the misdirection to a magicians trick
I remember when we moved into our new house in a white neighborhood
We got a knock on the door from our neighbors
And they said we thought you should know, that even though we arent proud of it when we moved to this block we signed this contract that said we will never let a Hispanic live on this part of town
Suddenly the curtain was lifted and I saw the magician pocket the ball while the audience was memeorized by another part of the stage
And when I try to bring up the idea that racism is everywhere its brushed away and they tell me im simply exaggerating a misconception
No one understands that when I walk into an interview or my classrooms and im the only brown in sight I see the judgment in people's eyes even if its only their for a second, but I could tell you what people mean when they say an infinity in a second
No on understands that when I walk into an expensive restaurant with some friends I see the waiter seat us suspiciously wondering if we could pay
And to the girls that said they werent in to my type of people
To the white boy that gives me that look everytime we pass in the hallways
the look I could barely bare to see
To my white friend who asked if those people were gangsters when they were really just mexicans
To the boy in class that says im not trying to be racist and then sterotypes my race
To all these people
how can you judge someone on their pigment of their skin?
Everyone is fine with being racist until someone calls them racist
Im asking for a change
And Im not saying to stop teaching about segragation in school
Cuz frankly ill sound like a fool
But stop teaching kids that when we signed that piece of paper the war on racism has ended
And im the not saying i agree with everything that the people that are chanting black lives matters are saying
But I agree when they say this war aint over till we are equal
No justice
No peace

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