The Whites and The So Called Blacks


United States
36° 47' 30.0552" N, 119° 26' 28.1328" W

Once united
Now divided
Forced to move
For the greed of whites
Stript of their pride
Stript of their freedom
Forced to leave their homes
To live their lives as slaves

All were seperated
White men ruled the so called blacks
Forced to live their lives in shame
And hide in back from their pains

The so called blacks couldn't fight
They were told
To stay in the back
Back of the trains
Where they belong
While the white stay up top

No one believed
This was right
All but the men in white
They stript the blacks
Of their freedom
Forced to live their lives in seperation
No more!
The so called blacks cheered out
They wished to be free
Free from the invisible wall

One at a time
They fought back
To no more regrets
"Seperate but equal"
One man spoke out
He was their saviour of the so called blacks

Here and now
We stay united
In rememberance of the ancestors that fought their hardest
To become equal in this world
We stay proud and tall
Of who we are

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