Who am I ...?

You don’t know me?
Or maybe you do!
But now you get to know me ...

I am hope and trust
I am beautiful and sometimes I’m ugly
I am tall and sometimes small
I am light and darkness ...

I am both pain and happiness
I am infinite to all eternity
I am deep and shallow
I'm desire, survival is important ...

I am forever
I am the soul, a sparkling star
I am crazy and funny
And sometimes I'm the animosity ...

I am the inner voice, head, heart, stomach
I am for myself and I also share myself
I am proud, I never give up
I am so much more than I want to admit ...

I am your thirst and your hunger
I am demanding and your trembling
I am your courage and your tears, I give consolation
I am the sparkle in your eyes ...

I am black and white
I am shining in all colors
I am despair, confidence
I am the fear of your thrill ...

I am everything and without you I’m nothing at all!

Tell me who am I?!?

This poem is about: 
My family


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