Who am I?

Who am I?


I am a Seed, planted with a farmer’s hope of everlasting growth.

As I blossom out of the place I call home.


I am Hesitant, afraid of what could be.

Constantly waiting to be accepted.


I am Humble, modestly receiving rewards.

At no time do I obtain an ego.


I am Grateful, happy to have my blessings.

Pleased with what I have been gifted.


I am Divine, continuously praying to my lord.

Having faith in God almighty.


I am Culture, molded with the heritage of my ancestors.

Ethnically going about in life.


I am Diverse, the only me in this universe.

Holding the inability to be replicated.


I am me, not to be defined by a fragment of a sentence but by an everlasting string of traits.

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