Who am I behind the screen


Im bored, I look over and I see my phone,

There are Instagram photos, and I feel more alone.

Look at that fun, adventurous life that they show,

I post one just like it, the truth? only I know.


My photos are thought out, well staged with care,

they show a pretty blonde girl, adventurous with dare,

The life in the photos is perfect, and fun,

but what is the truth? The value is none.


Because after the likes, and the comments fade

what am i left with? the life i have still stayed.

The life I have is an average one,

school, work, adventures? I have some.


Its not a bad life, one I feel good about until,

I stalk my friends and my mind starts to spill,

ideas about why mine isn't great

why is it Friday, and I don't have a date?


And thats when I realize that just like mine,

they pose, and plan their pictures to be perfect, and fine.

my life, their life, nothing is that good,

and thats just how life is, just as it should.


so take off the filter, take out the lies,

because the "perfection" is where reality dies.

Embrace you, don't feel the need,

to post to impress and you will feel freed.


Don't compare, to waste your time aimlessly,

just take off the filter and you will see,

that life is more fun real, and filter free.



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