Who am I? I AM.

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 20:48 -- HalemaJ

i am not who i want to be
i am, what i am perceived as.
i am better.
i am worse.
depends on who you ask,
the ones that see me for me,
or those waiting to put me in a hearse.
who am i? i am.
i am the daughter of two uneducated people,
yet they instilled the most valuable lessons in me that i could ever learn.
i am what they taught me to be.
the very best me i could be.
they seem educated to me.. just with no degree's.
who am i? i am.
i am the girl that grew up with two older brothers. i am always protected.
i am always lonely.
i am the girl who grew up with five pieces of clothing.
two jeans, three shirts.
i am the girl who got bullied for only owning five pieces of clothing for six years of my life.
i am the girl who looked poor, who was poor, but i never felt poor.
i had everything i needed.
i am rich like Marley. my richness is life.
who am i? i am.
i am the girl that walked home with her mom while rocks hit our back.
because i was who they perceived me as.
a terrorist.. labeled something some else did..
am i what they thought i was? no.
who am i? i am.
i am an employee. i am ten.
i am tired. i am growing.
it's two am. i am starting my homework.
who am i? i am.
four years of high school gone. i am filled with excitement. i am ready to be the first person in my family to go to college.
i am homeless. there goes any dreams of college..
i am angry.
who am i? i am.
As i try to fill out applications for mere hope, i hear everyone telling me what I AM good for.
a house wife.
a mother.
a cook.
a cleaner.
any female role, i am.
i am broken. i am angry.
this is not some stranger on a street.
this is my family,
telling me i will not amount to anything.
i don't need college. i need a man.
i grow weak.
i am mentally sick.
i am physically sick.
i am broke. i need help.
who am i? i am.
i am the girl who got accepted to five out of six of the colleges i applied too.
i am the girl that received a scholarship, a helping hand from a stranger to actually go to college, someone who believed in me unlike my family,
i am the girl that works a temporary nine to five to meet my permanent goal.
i am the girl who has long nights and early mornings
i am the girl who will become a dentist.
i am the girl who will surpass my families expectations.
i am the girl who will knock down any hurdle.
i am the girl who puts the past on her back to motivate herself for the future.
who am i? i am.
i am everything they say i cannot be.
i am a helper. i am a healer.
 i am happiness.
who am i? i am.
i am my past. i am my future.
i am a better version of me then yesterday.
i am every blood, sweat and tear,
i am hard work and ambitious.
i am everything this universe allows me to be because the world is my oyster.
they sky has no limits and neither do i.
who am i? i am still figuring that out.
i am.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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