Who are You? What Am I ?


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Who are you to judge me, am I not a person. You look at me you see them, I cried but I never gave in. What am I? I am human. A human with fears, integrity, passion, love, Regrets, and feelings, but why do you look at me like I am some kind of a demon. Don't look down on me because I am a human, I respect you so why not you respect me too. The one who hurts you the most, you pleased them, they lied you believed them. But who are you to violet me with words, talking away my pride and bringing me more fears. No freedom to escape, what am I? Am a girl with a heart, tears, laughter, pain, the words hurt me but you don't feel them. I didn't think running away was an option, but since you took my freedom away am left with your terrible actions. Who are you to judge me, because am human just like you, And I am not the person you label me.

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Unanimous Anonymous

I like it, nice thoughts, but remember those judged rarely realize they hold the key to their prison, and those judging are in prisons of their own. Freedom is not an option, captivity is, the choice is yours.

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