Who I Am

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 23:20 -- jgarris

Every person has a story to be told. 

Mine begins when I was sixteen years old. 

I wanted a fairytale love, a happy ever after. 

All I got was torture, misfortune and disaster. 

I tried my best to keep him happy. 

But my efforts were pointless and always ended badly. 

I would never know when it would come. 

There was no way to prepeare for what was being done. 

Day after day I would hide every mark and bruise. 

No matter what I did, the abuse would continue. 

One day I picked myself up said enough is enough. 

I was finding my way out though I knew it would be tough. 

At the time, I did not understand.  

But it would shape me into who I am. 

I am strong because I refuse to give in. 

I am a survivor because I refused to let him win. 

I am a conquerer because I overcame my demons. 

I am valuable because my life has reason.  

I am beautiful because of my imperfections.  

I am focused because I once lost direction. 

Now looking back on it all. 

I never knew I would stand so tall. 

Every scar caused by his evil hand. 

Has done nothing but make me, who I am. 









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