Who I am and Who I'm becoming


I was always taught to be the leader of the group

To be the one that everyone looks too

From day one that was my job until I die

To be the apple of everyone’s eye

But underneath I am so much more

After removing the makeup, the clothes, and the additives put on me before

I am a person who fights every day

I am the one who chooses my own way

Under all the big, red lip stick, and pain

Is a sun trying to fight through the rain

I struggle with issues from the past

I wrestle with daily demons hiding under a mask

I have had my problems that could have easily been cured

But my mom didn’t want me to have a piece of paper follow me through my learning career

I know I am different and sometimes I cry

I know the answer but I always ask why

Even though I differ from the next on the inside

I know I can break the silence on the outside

I am a wonderful me

And truthfully that’s all I ever want to be

I can’t take away all the bad that within me

But I can make it work with what I got and let you all see

I am becoming who I always wanted to be

I fight for what I want because I am the key

So who am I with hashtag “No Filter”?

I’m just a lost piece of gold trying to find my way in glitter


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