Who Me


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Hey, you!
Me? Me who?
Me with the glasses?
Me who is short?
Me who is heavy?
Me with soft, clear skin?
Me with tea-streaked skin?
Me with milk-brown eyes?
Me with dark, vancant eyes?
Me with consoling hands?
Me with worn, pained hands?
Me who loves green?
Me who loves math?
Me who loves art?
Me who loves music?
Me who loves to play and joke?
Me who works hard? Me who strives?
Me who earns things?
Me who wants things?
Me who laughs? Me who cries?
Me who reads and writes and sings?
Me you respects? Me who envys?
Me? You’re talking to me?
Yeah, you may be talking to me,
But do you see me?
No; you don’t see me. Not clearly.
In the mirror, I see
Me with a soul
Me with a heart, wuth passion
Me with a future. Me with a life.
Me with courage.
Me with responsibility.
Me who is good. Me who is great.
Me who thrives and strives and
I see me
But you don’t
And that’s okay
Because it’s me and
Only me
That counts



I wrote this to inspire, not only myself, but anyone that may ever doubt themselves.


I didn't want the poem to stop. You're amazing. Keep going with your writing. Keep going with your encouraging. Keep going with this poem. You could be the very best that there is, there ever was, and there ever will be, just keep going. I you have a question about anything that has to do with poetry, please feel free to e-mail me. towardalmightyzion@gmail.com

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