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I've never known love

Truly, romantically,

Sometimes I feel that I would be satisfied if only there were

Somebody to care for me who doesn't have to.

Someone who chooses to,

Who understands all of my flaws,

and calms the restlessness inside. 

We could be the best of friends, but know far more, 

Be the calm in the storm for each other. 

I would always think of them and they of me, messy harmony, always together. 

I've often thought that I don't even know what a good first date would be

Not a picnic or out to eat or a movie, just hanging out. 

I think I've been confused because all my life I've had crushes, but 

I never knew if they felt the same. 

Love should be simple. It should be as described in the Bible

All the good in the world. However, 

it will always be different than you think. 

There will be fights, crushing sorrow, hurt. 

I have never experienced love, but I have seen what unhealthy relationships can do

In a family. 

They can create a rift between sides of the family. 

They can drive people nearly insane. 

Love should be open to everyone. 

Romantically, there should be the One. 

The One you might never find. 

The One whose trail of breadcrumbs leads you through relationships weak and bad.

In the end, you will come to a conclusion, be what it may. 

#ILoveYou means something that you say

To a friend when they are being amazing or to a celebrity you don't even 

Know. A hashtag cannot contain the feelings that are such as real love. 

It is literally impossible. 

Robots cannot feel, they are not programmed to do so and if they are,

It is artificial. 

Hashtags were discovered to be a succinct way of communicating a 

Fleeting feeling. Love should never be fleeting. That is passion. 

You can work yourself into a passion over most anything. 

I've done it over






Feelings. And it always simmers down. That is not a healthy relationship. 

Love never stops, like a river always goes until it reaches the ocean. 

Then, it becomes a current and goes anywhere with the water, because it is

Connected. The different poles of water molecules make them


Need to stay together. That is what love is. 

Love stretches over seas, across town, through a wall. 

That is what love was meant to be. 

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My family
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