Who We Where

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 14:29 -- Maikol

Remember when our minds confused the lines of right and wrong that lingered deep with you in our thoughts

Questioning our actions when sin tempted us to see the world threw a broken glass

Shaded by lust

Discovering new worlds where we went, no map in hand just the wind to guide us in the journey of


Contemplating the belief that we were free, yet you were always afraid of heights


Remember when your hands mended the shattered walls of my heart, in the presumption of a lie

Remember when you stole the sun hoping that the stars would be free

Or the time when you stared at the moon trying to prove that you were part of the tide and sea

Watching flowers bloom yet they were never right in our minds

Drowning penny’s on empty wishes that would make us feel whole


Remember how our tongs spit out empty shotgun casings as anger took control

                                        Nails rustling with discomfort on a battel field not known to us yet it felt good

Or how you would lay with me keeping my soul warm from isolation

We became the ying and yang

Two half’s of a whole


You where always the one that took the lead like an angry storm and I the mountain

Always grounded how similes turned into endless laughter that had no reason than the fact that it was you

Or how every time I held you in my arms you kept telling me that you couldn’t breath

I could never let go.

Renumber who we were before the sense of amnesia kicked in and made you forget


But I’m still here, hand on yours like they’ve been glued together by time itself

Hoping that one day you’ll renumber who we are who we where

Back when the lands where wild and the wind free to roam, when tall trees fought to obtain light

When the blue wing birds became our alarms, that you always hated yet somehow understood

You’re the gravity that keeps me grounded the light that enters my cave

My body would wrap around yours making a shield to prevent you from leaving


Tears began to flood the dams I had created long ago, mind full with regret that it should have been me

So I stay with each fallen grey solder from my head to praying that some day

You’ll renumber who we are again 

This poem is about: 
My family