A whorish woman

Her long flattery tongue,
nuisating beauty
oozing out like the village spring,
Her complexion brilliant,
as the full moon
alight and winning even at noon.

as the seasonal glow-worms,
Apiire as reknown,
Wrecking lustful hearts,
in barter,
for her charming behind!

Earlier at dawn sighing
highly pitched thirst,
nolonger good to touch,
even her foreign oils
nolonger chock silly flies.

Her ivory dark hair,
needing richness and suavity.
Leaping helplessly drunk,
in her whorish being.
A perfect adored of adoration...

(Kissa Comfort Nelly Otto)

Truth be aired no better poet can best describe the poor being nicknamed " a harlot" a whorish woman - maybe a rival poet in the black soil, the piece above wholesomely puts an African whore in spotlight -the true African setting to depict her whorishism" , as for the modern whore maybe the next generation will give birth to a genius razor wit poet to embellish her description !!!why? Since this century is thinking of a male whore!!!
Inspired by King Solomon's wit lamentations...

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