Why the..?

Why the FUCK do u do this?

Does it not affect u that the ones that choose to protect u have a value?

Not jus the physical aspect but the ones that guard u frm feelin futile and misconstrued

Ones that make sure ur happy

And let u go thru life not feelin sadly

Alone and never condone the things that detriment ur soul?

Why would u choose to freeze over in a world so cold?

Why do u choose to push away the ones that don't leave u to stray but help to preserve ur word so u

can live another day?

But I guess feelings change, even tho I stayed the same.

Ur disillusioned sense of reality challenges me to help u find finality

But u can't help someone that ur more willin to help than they own self

I wish u replaced ur yearn for quick wealth with the the need to enter life's grace with stealth

U wanna b included but ur jus intrudin on things that don't concern u I trust that ur word is true

But u can't b grown until u learn to

Fend fo urself, ur mind body soul n health

U can preserve ya time if u take care a ur mind

Compromised because u choose to listen to the lies u tell urself



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