This Is Why

Wed, 07/24/2013 - 15:52 -- Raafia


Why, does grass grow
The sun rise when it drinks the darkness of the night
A wound mend and scars fade 

Why, do people smile
The birds chirp on a bright summer day
A dream take us away

 Why, does a cloud form
The moon give light to our hidden minds
A lion yell out in the midst of a fight

 Why? Why?All these take place, for the reason I write

 Grass grows when its fed
I write because I'm fed knowledge

 The sun rises because morning comes
I write because I live to see the next day
 Wounds mend because of time
I write because I wish to pass moments

 People smile when they're happy
I write because I find joy

 The birds chirp because they wish to speak
I write because, in a way, I too can communicate to someone

 A dream takes us away because it's so calming and surreal
I write because I want a peaceful state of mind

 A cloud forms because it's about to rain
I write because I want the paper and pen to absorb my tears

 The moon gives light so it can see in the dark
I write so I can give light to my gloomy thoughts 
A lion yells out because it's in anger
I write because I want to vent my impatience

 I write because I can
I write because I want to
But in the end, I write because

It just makes me who I am

 This is why I write 


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