Why were You there? 
Why were You on the ground in Gethsemane? 
Why did Your brow sweat blood while praying in agony?

Why didn't You flee? 
With Your divine power, why didn't You escape the mob? 
Why did You let the traitor do his job? 

Why did You let them strike You 'till Your face throbbed? 
Why did You allow them to mock You and spit in Your face?
Why did You permit them to drag You from place to place?

Why did You allow them to make you a disgrace? 
Why did You let them put on a crown of thorns? 
Why would You let them scourge You until Your flesh was torn? 

Why did You look at at them with love and not scorn? 
Why did You permit them drive nails into Your feet and hands? 
Why were You as silent as a sacrificial lamb? 

Why did You let them treat You as a sham? 
Why did You hang on that cross? 
Why did You become sin for the lost? 

Why did You go through it, knowing how much it would cost? 
Why would You allow Yourself to be separated from the Father above? 
Why did Your side pour out water and blood? 

Why did You have to die and express Your love? 
Why go through that anguish, from the garden to Calvary? 
Why do You love sinners like me? 



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