Why do they love her city?

Why do they love her city?

A place they’ve never been.

Some believe its hype while,

others believe it’s all a dream.

Allow a native to express

in full detail why she loves this scene.


Los Angeles has a picturesque scene

from the beachy city

to the valley off the 405 express.

She could travel to a place she has never been

and it will still look like a dream,

that’ll make her want to stay a while.


Downtown LA lives up to the name while

professionals tackle the Bunker Hill scene.

FIDM and Staple Center can make or break your dream.

Plus J- Town and China Town balance out LA city,

and you’ve probably never been,

to have real dim sum and not Panda Express.


Los Angeles has rail lines to help express

it’s residents and it took a while

red, blue, green plus more have you been

on a line from the Rose Bowl to Disney’s happiest scene?

By far the coolest city,

that many often dream.


Many love to sit and dream

of how to make it big to express

or speed up fame in the big city

never enjoying the time all while

they are in the middle of God’s staged scene

in a blink you can miss it all for a could have been.


This native enjoys where she’s been

the home and place of her dream

to love the Los Angeles scene

and never in a rushed or express

manner, just taking time; a while

to really love the Angel’s city.


She cannot express

how awesome, amazing, and a dream

this place called LA is. Her heart, her home, her city.

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