"Why do you write? Why do you breath?"


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As a dancer, my dance teacher created this motto of some sorts
On the back of our dance t-shirts it read
"Why do I dance? Why do you breath?"

Thus, the shirt spoke volumes to me and my fellow dancers
Similar to dancer I write because writing is a part of me
It's like an extra limb that I wouldn't want to remove

To have the means to truly express myself
To engulf the human emptions
While taking said emotions on a journey

Taking the reader on an
Emotional rollercoaster

Shaping and molding their thoughts
Opinions, perspectives
And preconceived notions

To just think how much my words can
Impact the world, my nation
My state, my community

Continues to have me in disbelief
To not have to worry or have anxiety
About being judged by the words I write

While writing I always ponder about
Someone whom I've never been blessed
To meet in person, I think of...

Maya Angelou
Yes, one of my greatest idols
She once said

"Words mean more than what is set down on paper.
It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."
That quote guides me on my creative adventure

As I even sit here in the little covert, in my house
I can't help but think about that statement
The statement that means so much to me

See, there's a passion
A fiery passion that takes hold of
My mind, body and spirit

As I write
That same passion compels me to share
My powerful words with the world

So, now I ask you
My fellow poet, writer or viewer
"Why do you write? Why do you breath?"



I just spoke from my heart about why I love writing...

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