Why I Stay

Thu, 11/02/2017 - 19:43 -- Sass

Life tells me these things never last

Experience names me a victim

To others, I’m a way to pass the time

A friend on Fridays, Mondays, and Some Days

When it’s convenient


I was the whisper in the wind

A shadow in the crowd

And my hope was crumbling,

My faith in others fading

In the moment of giving in,

You found me, reclaimed me

From the wounds of the world,

Sheltered me from the storm


Fear had stolen my boldness

A regime of isolation

Made the flower wither

Your touch stirred the embers

Of my soul


I was reluctant to commit

False friends and broken promises

Threatened to destroy this redemption

Time and time again,

You redefined friendship


You committed the inconceivable

Your hand enveloped mine-

The abhorrent emblem of my unknown sin-

And forgave me my trespasses,

Kissing the ravaged skin


You lit up galaxies of stars for me

I proved that love is not outdated

My pain dissipated like smoke

Your light illuminated my future


I took the plunge,

Cringing for the inevitable blow

You honored my trust

And dispersed the fog in my mind


Our love blossomed, flourished

Refined by the fires of condemnation,

Their searing reproach ignited the flame

Out of the ashes came rebirth


You encouraged me,

Dared my boldness

Dared me to shine brightly

To turn dreams into deeds


We knew what love was not

Perfection was found in forgiveness,

Peace in compromise


A thousand doors offered escape

Each step was a risk

But you never wavered

You chose to be true


Each day I look at you

Thankful for a merciful God

Who took common dust

And formed a diamond


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