Why I Write


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I write to be free, to express my pain
I write to tell thoughts that drive me insane
I write with joy, love, and care
To describe what is fair and unfair
To tell my tale of who I am
And show that I'm better than 'Sam I Am'
I'm not some person who writes for the hell of it
I write as a woman, small, weird, and loving it
I write to be free, I write to be me
What do you write to be?
I hope it's not me



I don't know if it's good and I don't know if it makes sense, be mean or be nice when it comes to judging because no matter what it all helps, and thank you for reading my poem if you did!


     I write to portray my  thoughts as different characters.  Whether they are kind, sad, or happy; I try to potray each emotion as a different character. As if i'm painting a portait and each emotion/character represents a different brush stroke. Bending rules to traditional writing and word-play for several meanings is why I like to write. Poem: " Clues of our Saturday turn pages in our book like a new sunday. Does not our oldest books breath life like dust in the shine of light. Dew we need two owls of night to stop our crying plight."

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

always let your voice be heard

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