Why I write

Sun, 06/30/2013 - 16:53 -- R. AMOR

If writing gives me a voice, then I should seek someone to hear me. Though simply hearing will not do, it is listening that makes the difference. I am here to deliver a message, one that does not need to be heard, rather read, and it is but an option. 

Why do we write? There are endless reasons as to why we do, but why do I write? I write because it is simply something that can be done. Exercising this ability is just one thing out of many, but why choose this over something else? That, I believe, has to do with how words, however few, can carry such power and meaning. It is this power that makes it desirable to write. It may not be power applied over others, but rather the power writing makes you feel over yourself, for it is control over ourselves that which we truly seek.

I am on a quest, one in which I seek knowledge, knowledge about who I am and where I'm headed. Writing is an aid, for if I am to look back on previous words I have written, I am sure to learn about my past and ways, learn about myself, find myself. There is no one else we can control as much as we can control ourselves, but without knowing oneself first, there may be no true control.

I am but another person with a mind and ideas to share. Others do not need to listen to my ideas, but there is one who always should; myself. So I write for myself, to learn to control myself, and guide my future towards the goals and happiness I seek. 


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