Why I Write


What brought me here?

To this blank page

where words come to life.


You ask me why I write,

why my mind is drawn to type

about what makes me turn a question

into an obsession of my own digression.


But how does one answer such question?

What is the answer to a question,

a question with an unlimited perception.


Well the answers are infinite!

Infinitely filled with my thoughts,

thoughts created by pure imagination,

where creation is not just invented on occasion.


You ask me why I write,

On this now not so blank page of words I've typed.

What brought me here is inspiration from those who perspire my desire. 


Welcome to my life.

A life well lived in spite of those sleepless nights,

where I write, write, write until I come to a conclusion

that this is why I write.


For when I write, I pour out my emotions to the white.

It's like a light, a source to my hindered sight. 

Cause in todays society, things aren't always so bright.  


However, writing is not just a hobby for me, but a journey. 

A journey where my thoughts travel endlessly in mind 

in hopes to define that these lines aren't just combined, 

they're entwined with meaning that only some will find.    













MVP-Most Valuable Poet

you live to write

you write to live

keep expressing yourself

let your voice be heard

Lydia Pandorf

Thank you! Your feedback means a lot! @velezjrrobert

Lydia Pandorf

Thank you! Your feedback means a lot! @velezjrrobert

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