Why I Write

Wed, 07/03/2013 - 21:29 -- doluck9


A pulling sensation draws me

to the world of words and sentences.

A cyclone inside me unleashes these words,

drawing, painting, imagining a faint picture.

I was little when I noticed...

Words express what I feel, what I understand

The deepening sensation I feel unleashes

enveloping in a world I can see

Distant words I hear draws me away,

like an island filled with paradise.

Locked in a dark room, I look at the bright screen,

close my eyes...and breathe.

An image starts to grow and fade, grow and fade...

The magic begins and I am whisked away,

to a different world, dimension, away from everything.

Only me and the very words typed to life,

like a movie, I am the director

like a book, the author.

A pull so strong that the ocean,

with its coldness and roaring waters,

could not compete.

Giving meaning and life to the beauty of words,

an expression unattainable, it cannot be described.

My fingers move and my heart beats loudly,

the excitement cannot be contained

as the picture becomes complete.



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