Why I Write

I write because it is an essential part of me. It’s my silver lining when the clouds lingering become too much. Writing gives off a sense of hope, comfort, criticism and encouragement. It’s my expressive outlet, as I’m sure it is for all writers. Writing is not just something you do just because, it’s more than that. It’s how people can connect with each other, words, linking and interlocking the hearts and thoughts of others together. Writing for me allows me to think a little clearer, feel a little better, smile a little wider, with each word, line, stanza, paragraph, essay, no matter the length. I write because I am grateful for the ability to do so, for those who do not have the utilities to transfer thoughts into visual words. And although stories can be told by pictures and can be told from spoken words, writing helps jot down the thoughts,feelings and memories, which cannot be done by either. I enjoy reading the writings of others so that I gain either inspiration or understanding or knowledge. I write because I've fallen in love with the concept of writing. 


Need to talk?

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