Why I write


I am my poetry

I am the carefully designed 

Lyrical lines

Of insanity 

I am a walking scar 

and poetry has healed me while leaving her mark

I do not regret

she was simply staking her place

over the wounds and ugly truths

I tried to erase

Magic marker for the soul

never truly works

and so my liquid love I pour

into every pocket hurt 




walking hunchback 

in a world full of people standing up

and their minds bent in ugly ways

much like me

but blind to see 

I am them

So i write my poetry

I trace my joys and my sorrows 

along the lines of a sheet

I let them scream my thoughts

into the minds of anyone laying eyes on me

laying eyes my carefully designed

lines of insanity

this is how i breathe

allowing the words to sink deep enough to the places no one can reach

a home where my feelings release

but are never truly heard



a canvas of words

I am my poetry

and my poetry is free

so i write her truth

For the world to see

that she

is you

bent in ways that 

life will often make you do

you question why i write poetry

but the truth iin which you seek

is simply this

I do not write, she speaks.



This is amazing. Good job.

Stormie Shadle

Wow. Amazing

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