Why I Write


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The tempting call of a blank screen on my computer urges my fingers to type away. Many ideas flow through my mind; making themselves at home in the world of my imagination. I often visualize these ideas in my head; watching them come to life like my own personal play. These visions are not merely inspired by my strange dreams, but by the many stories I've witnessed in my own life. I breathe life into my poems by basing them off of real-life struggles; with my writing I can make reality far less painful. School teachers throughout the years have introduced me to many poets and their unique styles, and by incorporating my own life into my poems I have found my own form of writing. The poems are me in their fullest form. I've become vulnerable to the world as I open myself to the possibility of ridicule, but I feel no fear. For with each piece of reality I insert into my poems, I hope to reach someone. Poems have been my life-line, and perhaps if I keep writing, my poems can be a life-line for someone else.

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