Why I write

I write to light up my mind, words on black ink turn to colorful images on this Earth we could never find. Something as simple as the sun rise, or the way someone expresses themselves in a reply. I write to see things differently, each poem can create a different feeling, a poem could have my mind reeling. A poem could bring about a cloud of sadness, realizing a poet is in total madness, losing the one they love. A poem could bring on joy like a wave washing over you in the ocean, or terror when you realize the narrator just drank poison. I write to bring a story from my head to a paper, I write to remember how I felt later. Overall I write because it is what I love, it's like a gift I've been given from above.



HI! I just wanted to say I ready your poem and I think it is very beautiful and it is well- written. best of luck to you for the scholarship!(:

Need to talk?

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